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Achim Klaus

Achim Klaus
President and Co-founder

Achim Klaus started as a Systems Programming in Assembler at a time when 1K of RAM was plenty. In 1981, Achim became a UNIX Data Center System Administrator at Technische Universität in Berlin. He developed and taught UNIX classes about programming in C, network programming, and GUI design for database applications in both academic and production environments. These classes were taught at Siemens’ headquarters in Germany and Pyramid Technology in San Jose.  Achim began leading his team of System Administrators and IT software developers at a Fortune 100 Company in Mountain View, CA. in 2002.

Achim began designing and building the AMS monitoring, reporting and management system in 2000. He has created a unique set of tools using one web- based, database-driven application using 200,000 lines of Perl and MySQL code.

Achim considers IT consulting, first and foremost, a people business. It’s about getting your data center to consistently perform to your exacting standards. Achim enjoys the diversity it affords.

Achim rides his motorbike to work, and spends his weekends flying remote controlled gliders.


Andy Hoepfner (CISSP)
CEO & Co-founder

Andy Hoepfner has nearly 20 years of business experience in high reliability, mission-critical data center environments. Andy’s Masters in Computer Science and Communication Technology was achieved in Germany prior to joining Nixdorf as a Presales Consultant and Pyramid Technology as Systems Engineer.
 Andy moved to California to manage Siemens’ Technical Support in 1996 and implemented the Siemens SBS global Follow-The-Sun Support Line in 2001.He has successfully moved several large data centers and is proficient in project management for businesses of every size.  He is astutely knowledgeable of mission critical, customized datacenter environments. 
Because of his depth in understanding customer needs, Andy is able to optimize highly technical issues and solutions for every specific customer need.
In his free time Andy enjoys his envolvement in the Corvette community.
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