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By creating an equally nurturing and demanding environment, we attract and select the highest level data center teams, combine flexibility with performance and knowledge of the world class service it provides. Windows Logo Our DATASERFSTM monitoring system has valuable features our competitors don’t. All this comes to you in a single package without additional costs which lets you sleep well at night



Do you know what your systems are doing? AMS differentiates itself from the competition by offering our DATASERFSTM full service solution of highly technical administration resources that includes a single monitoring system which fulfills all the requirements to help our clients move from a reactive, problem driven environment towards a proactive, stable server landscape with the utmost efficiency. 



Whether you need to create and implement a company security policy, want to improve general security awareness or require a full internal security evaluation, including vulnerability scans, port scan, patch levels and suggestions for a virus protection, our CISSP’s are experienced in all areas of security. Click here to see our security blog.


Hosting and Web Design

Santa Clara Corvettes

Through our DATASEFSTM suite of systems, services and processes, we offer specialized Web Hosting, Web page design, Content transfer and Maintenance. Our webserver platform is based on latest generation Dell Servers with Windows 2008 and DotNetNuke, an open source platform for building web sites based on Microsoft .NET technology.

To the right is an example of a local club that was updated from a pure HTML based site to a content management system that allows non programmers to participate and deliver content, that can be updated and changed very quickly.


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Achim Klaus:
"Proactive monitoring and energy efficiency are key elements for today's datacenter operations. Our monitoring system has a price-performance that is unheard of in today's market!"


Andy Hoepfner:
“Are you a small business owner that is required to be PCI certified and you don't know where to start? We can help you from start to finish and will pre-scan your Network for PCI complience for free.”


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